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          Athlete Rankings

          ONE Championship’s official athlete rankings are determined by an independent panel of sports media members and industry experts following each event. The panel ranks the athletes on criteria including wins and losses, their most recent performances, and quality of competition.

          The panel includes Stewart Fulton from MMA In Japan, Nicolas Atkin from South China Morning Post, Manabu Takashima from MMAPLANET, Marcelo Alonso from Combate/PVT, Santino Honasan from ABS-CBN, JM Siasat from GMA Network, James Goyder from AsianMMA.com, Poptorn Roongsamai from Champ Magazine, Sazali Abdul Aziz from The Straits Times, Worapath Arunpakdee from Thairath TV, Wanlop Sawasdee from MGR Online, Tom Taylor from BJPenn.com, Yuji Kitano from Abema TV, and Ian Shutts from Lowkick MMA. Rounding out the panel are former athletes Rich Franklin, Miesha Tate, Adam Kayoom, and Ann Osman.

          Last Updated: 31 October 2020